Iceberg Principles

The Iceberg Principles

It’s Difficult To Win The Game When You Don’t Know The Rules…

How can you win in the game of life when you don’t even know why you are playing? 

The Iceberg Principles present a concept that illustrates who we are as human beings and why we are here. It also explains why we suffer as we do and what to do about it.

We are not our bodies; we are not our minds. We are the Presence, the Consciousness that lies within. We are just like icebergs in that the part that shows is the smallest part.

96% of who we are is invisible. Yet most people completely ignore what lies beneath. They live only on the surface, in their 4% - cut off from their power, ignoring their talents and strengths, out of sync with who they really are.

Deaf to the inner voice all we can hear is the ceaseless chatter of the surface mind that inundates us with barrages of brutal negativity, leaving us anxious, depressed and weak, stripped of energy.

Many try to drown out the mind by turning on the TV or playing the radio all day long but this leaves them unconsciously exposed to all the messages of the media about how they are not good enough unless they buy this car, these clothes, that toothpaste. Drug companies manipulate us into expecting that major disease is just around the corner. “Ask your doctor if this drug is right for you” - because the other shoe is about to drop...

No matter how hard we work to get it all done; no matter how rich we might get in the process, true happiness is still elusive. Living as we do is putting the cart before the horse. Happiness does not come from the outside in; it comes from the inside out. 

Discover what lies beneath - what is waiting to unfold in Your 96%? What is it that you love? What are your gifts and talents? These are what you are meant to express in your 4%. Only in this way can you feel 100%; only then can you fee whole.

  • Tune out the inner critic because your focus lies elsewhere.
  • Link with your inner strengths and you become fearless, fueled by passion for life.
  • Honor and appreciate who you are and your relationships with others reflect this.
  • Do what you love and the money comes.

So says bestselling author and mentor Marni Spencer-Devlin for whom the discovery of The Iceberg Principles was so paradigm shifting that it literally snatched her from the brink of death.  “Today my life is so good that I sometimes have to pinch myself. That’s why I am so passionate about sharing the secrets of The Iceberg Principles with the rest of the world!”

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The Iceberg Principles
Iceberg Principles by Marni Devlin

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